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Dope Loyd Fleece Sweater Faded Green

Product Information

The Loyd shirt from Dope. Warm but yet breezy and breathable, magic or just the perfectly thick polyester fleece fabric doing its job? We are still not sure…

The Loyd product line is designed to be your perfect winter companion, use them as a second layer under your snow gear on a really cold day in the mountains or try the feeling of nothing but soft, soft fleece against your skin while the suns reflection in the snow lighting up your home.

Loyd top has a slight turtleneck collar, just enough to keep your neck warm without being in your way. You also have a zipper if you want more space for your chin or just want to let some fresh air in.

The wrists and the waist are elastic, for an even better fit and comfort.

Dope Loyd Fleece Sweater Faded Green
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Faded Green
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