Join the snow movement! #dopesnow

Dope Snow was founded by Ridestore, a Swedish online outdoor store that started over 10 years ago. We wanted to do something more epic by giving our fans a voice. We were frustrated because our customers were asking for products that we simply didn’t carry, so we started Dope Snow to answer your needs. We give you what you want, the way you want, so you can handle the slopes in styles created for you.
With Dope Snow, we’re in this together. For the love of snow.

Dope Snow is created together with the awesome community of our customers

The mountains are already stacked with members of our community who have put their spirit and genius into our designs.

We respect the established snow brands, but we know that your voice is what matters. We’re excited to open up all areas of our brand and let you take the lead to get the designs, styles, and custom experience that you crave.


We want to hear from you

We want to hear from you and start creating together! All ideas, feedback, suggestion are not just welcomed. They're needed. Please get in touch with us here and let’s create Dope Snow TOGETHER!