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Women's Snowboard Clothing

Visit Dopesnow for the latest women's snowboard apparel

If you're planning to buy some new snowboard clothing for women for next winter, we have everything you could possibly need. From jackets and pants to goggles and beanie hats, we have them all. With our diverse range of products, you can find items perfect for those looking to diversify their winter wardrobe in Canada.

When buying any snowboarding clothing, you should consider certain factors. Size and fit are crucial to ensure you get the maximum comfort out of the product. Waterproofing and breathing ability are essential to stay dry and warm. Our membranes offer outstanding layering potential, providing waterproofing throughout the entire range, while our fabrics allow moisture to escape so you remain comfortable and dry during your snowboarding experience.

Choose the best outer layer for your snowboarding style

There are countless types of clothes available, so pick one that best suits your needs. If you're a fan of the anorak type, that might be your go-to. Want a zippered jacket? Get one with a zip. Otherwise, opt for something without insulation. And don't forget your mitts to protect your hands from the cold!

We've got a huge range of ladies' snowboard pants, or as some might call them, bottoms, and bibs, from slinky and stretchy to classic and baggy. They're tough, waterproof, and tailored to meet the demands of the snow-covered terrains.

Base layers and thermal gear

Warmth starts with your base layer. High-quality snow clothing and gear is crucial if you want to stay warm and cosy. Our selection boasts a brushed interior for added warmth, ensuring breathable comfort during your time on the slope. Fast-drying materials make certain you remain dry, no matter how intense your snowboarding session might be.

Colours and styles

From black to green and everything in between, there's no shortage of colours to choose from. Whether you're after something classic or seeking a vibrant splash of colour, there's something to match every snowboarder's personal style.

Different types of activities require unique attire. For those into backcountry and freeride snowboarding, we have technical outerwear and lightweight options. Meanwhile, park enthusiasts and groomers can enjoy our insulated coats and softshells suitable for any weather.

Make sure you wear the right look

Ready to shop for your next snowboarding outfit? With us, you benefit from free return and exchange privileges. And if you need assistance choosing an item, just contact us. Our helpful customer representatives are here to ensure you find the perfect products for your snow adventures.