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Women’s Ski Masks

Discover women's ski and snowboard masks

Dope Snow offers an extensive range of ski masks for women to suit all types of rider and riding. From super cozy full-face hoods to lightweight and water repellent backcountry ready masks. Dope Snow has every situation covered, and all riders catered for. Made using the best materials that will stand up to daily use, our gear is made for adventure.

Characteristics and specs

A ski mask needs to do different things depending on who's wearing it. For those lazy laps at the resort, a cozy, fleecy neck gaiter or mask is what you need. When it comes to making fresh tracks in the backcountry, a breathable and power-proof mask is what you're searching for. Our range of masks lock in heat, let steam out, and keep the powder at bay all season long.

Stylish and functional skiing masks and neck gaiters

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you ride good. It's simple math. Our women's face masks are designed from the ground up to fit well and to perform too, while ensuring maximum comfort. Once we got the designs right, we focused on style then, serving up a range of different looks for every occasion. And thanks to the advanced materials, we didn't need to compromise on performance, either.

Materials and coating ideal for skiing and snowboarding

Our winter masks are made from a polyester weave that allows us to create water resistant hoods and masks that stand up to the elements. Polyester is a synthetic material and as such, it won't absorb water easily. Our women's fleece models and neck warmers feel super cozy and are naturally water resistant, while our DWR coating softshell models are built for powder riding.

Ideal material for skiing and winter sports

Polyester is a naturally breathable material, which means all of our models let heat and steam out, keeping you dry and comfortable. But, where the natural breathability of the material is not enough for strenuous snowboarding and skiing adventures, we created ski mask models with air holes to keep you breathing easy even when you're riding harder than ever before.

Ski mask types and colors

With an array of ski mask models that suit the casual rider and the adventurous, Dope Snow has got everything you could ever need. Our super cozy hoods are warm and stylish, while our performance masks boast amazing technical capabilities and unmatched ventilation. Get one or get them all, Dope Snow's designs are perfect for your next trip.

With a range of colors and designs, our neck gaiter types are perfect for all styles and fashions. You can use a neck warmer as a neck gaiter, or you can cover your mouth and nose during those cold days on the mountain. Combine a neck warmer with a beanie hat for a balaclava style and maximum head and face protection from cold and wind.

From the subtle and classic to the more flamboyant, you can match them perfectly to your kit, go bold, or keep it low key, the choice is yours. We also cater to sizing differences with intelligent ergonomic design, meaning our women's face masks are one size and they will fit everyone's face. So, check our online shop, find your favorite color and design, grab your board and get ready for the next winter adventure.