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Ski Socks

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Top-quality ski socks for every expedition by Dopesnow Australia

Made with advanced polyester technology, these ski socks are a must-have for any alpine outing. Be it on snowy slopes or uncharted backcountry, they offer consistent warmth, dry feet, and stand strong against even the harshest environments.

Perfect fit combined with exceptional functionality

Subjected to stringent quality checks, our socks maintain their form and function over time. Their medium thickness ensures an ideal fit in boots, striking the right balance between coziness and accuracy to avoid foot soreness and excessive perspiration.

Airflow ensures comfort throughout the day

With a unique blend of polyester and Merino Wool, our socks are designed for optimal moisture control, drawing away perspiration, and ensuring dryness. They also feature cushioning that enhances comfort while maintaining a vital connection between the ski and snow.

Warmth, fit, and lasting quality

Combining the softness of polyester with Merino Wool and Lycra, our socks offer warmth, effective moisture management, breathability, and a tailored fit that comfortably hugs each foot.