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Women's Ski Helmets

Women's ski helmets from DopeSnow Australia

Discover the coveted range of women's ski helmets offered by Dope Snow, thoughtfully devised in collaboration with Bern. These helmets cater to the thrill-seekers in every season, decked out with liners suitable for winter's frosty air and summer's milder breezes. Ever ready for the snowboarding slopes or a casual ski, they're an ideal choice for winter sports lovers who enjoy the mountains throughout the year.

Setting the pace in safety standards

The helmets in our range signal a steadfast commitment to your safety. Outfitted with critical safety elements, including the MIPS system, they lend extra protection against angular impacts. Plus, Bern's widely recognised Compass Fit system provides a comfort-fit that remains secure, enabling you to immerse yourself fully in the joy of winter sports.

Where style meets protection

Our collection of ski helmets caters to a variety of tastes. From the understated elegance of minimalist helmets to the vibrant allure of bolder designs, they extend beyond the realm of safety equipment. These helmets act as an expression of your personality as you blaze your trail down the snowy landscape.

Designed for a perfect fit

Our ski helmets boast adjustable straps and plush internal padding, meaning they can be tailored to fit your head shape snugly. Irrespective of your speed or technique on the slopes, the helmet remains securely in place, offering consistent protection and comfort in your snow adventures.

360-degree usability for all seasons

Every ski enthusiast has unique needs, and we make sure to cater to them. Our helmets come with liners tailored for both winter and summer. This allows you to confidently brave any weather condition while maintaining a balance between comfort and safety, establishing these helmets as an essential component of your ski gear.