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Women's Snowboard Clothing

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If you need new snowboarding apparel for the next cold season, we have a great collection of women's items. We offer jackets, pants, goggles, beanies, and even face masks; everything to keep you warm and stylish!

Features and characteristics for winter sports

When purchasing snow gear, one must bear in mind some essential elements. Impermeability and ventilating capacity are essential for remaining moist and toasty. Our specific membranes guarantee water repellency throughout the clothing range, while our materials allow for breathable muscle action for optimum comfort. A great waterproofing level guarantees ice and water stay out, whereas breathable gear allows moisture to float away, making sure you remain cosy and dry throughout your skiing adventure.

Shop the latest snowboard collection for women for the best colours, styles, and designs

When it comes to snowboard gear, you can pick any colour you like. There's a great variety of subtle and vibrant options such as black and grey, pink, blue, orange, yellow, purple, camo and tie-dye, whatever suits your fashion style!

We offer a wide selection of clothing designed for different riding styles. Backcountry and freeride riders can find technical outerwear and lightweight options, while the park and groomers riders can choose from insulated jackets or softshell models that are prepared for all weather conditions.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to womens winter gear, so make sure you pick something that suits your needs. If you need insulation while snowboarding, opt for a jacket with a zipper; otherwise, go for something without insulation. When you've got everything else ready - board, boots and whatever else - it's time to hit the slopes!

We offer a diverse range of women's snowboard trousers, ranging from slim and stretchy to baggy, cargo style and even binder options. Our clothing collection is constructed with high-quality materials, making it super tough and water-resistant.

Layering and technical underwear

A proper foundation is mandatory for holding in warmth. Intelligent snowboard coats are elemental if you want to stay hot. Ours come complete with a brushed interior for additional heating, respirable fabrics to maintain you contented and calm while riding, and rapid-drying materials that guarantee you'll be dry all day on the inclines.

At, you can shop confidently because we offer free shipping and returns. Not sure which snowboard outfit to go with? Our helpful customer service team is available to help you make your decision - just contact us today!