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Women's Snowboard Jackets

Dope Snow selection of snowboard jackets for women

We offer a variety of snowboard jackets for women for all your needs. Our Dope Snow line includes light park jackets and heavier, more technical backcountry-specific models. All our snow jackets provide excellent specifications and materials with great style, so you can find the perfect jacket for winter sports, whatever the adventure!

Essential qualities: breathable and waterproof models

A quality snowboard jacket is judged based on various attributes. Does it offer performance on the slopes and hold up against troublesome weather conditions? How about the material and its technical capacities? Are they waterproof and breathable? Don't forget to think of how it appears too! These features are critical but don't forget that an aesthetic aspect is also important. Search for something suitable to your style, guaranteeing you're content with its design.

Snow jackets should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They must also be able to resist whatever climatic conditions arise. Dope jackets make use of a waterproof material named DryTech. This material is highly resilient and can be coloured in numerous shades. This gives the designer immense flexibility when planning how to model the snow jacket. The eventual outcome is a variety of jackets that are fashionable and practical.

Our DryTech polyurethane outer layer protects from rain, sleet, hail, snow and mud. It has a DWR coating, drastically reducing friction between the surface and the elements so water will bead up and roll off instead of seeping into the fabric. This lets you ride in harsher weather for long periods without worrying about getting wet. In addition, our jackets are designed with breathable materials to prevent overheating while you're riding hard on the slopes.

Dope Snow's selection of women's jackets offers both the waterproofing and breathability you need to stay comfortable and protected in any weather conditions.

Colours, sizes and designs for women

Our snowboard jackets span from a fully-functional lineup, containing garments crafted with all-day adventures in mind, to our lightweight group, suitable for less extreme outings. Furthermore, we also possess a soft shell set boasting exceptional performance and sleek style for those who relish more manoeuvrability. To stay protected against wintry weather, put on several layers, including an insulated jacket for added warmth and protection.

We have a huge selection of women's snow jackets in many colour and size ranges. Whether you're looking for black, green or pink, camo prints or vibrant patterns - we have got it all. We offer women's sizes XXS-XL with everything from anorak jackets to pullovers to full-zipped ones, insulated and non-insulated. Our women's snowboarding selection also includes powder skirts and hoods for added protection against the snow and wind.

Check out the latest collections

Our online shop has plenty of jackets for you to choose from. Each design is tailored for a specific riding style, with features and personal touches you'll love. You can find everything from sleek and simple designs to bold and colourful prints that will make you stand out on the mountain. One of the key features is their tech insulation, which provides exceptional warmth without adding extra bulk. Our insulated jackets use high-quality materials to trap heat and keep you warm in even the coldest of temperatures. Additionally, our jackets feature stretch fabrics that allow for a full range of motion, making it easy to move and flex as you ride.

Whether you're just starting out on the mountain or you're a seasoned pro, our selection of snowboard jackets has everything you need to stay comfortable and protected. So why wait? Browse our collection today and find the perfect technical snow jacket for your next mountain adventure!