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Men's Ski Helmets

Ski helmets for men by DopeSnow New Zealand

Dive into the impressive collection of men's ski helmets we've lined up at DopeSnow, thoughtfully developed in association with Bern. These helmets, perfect for use in any season, come fitted with liners suited for the brisk winter as well as the mellow summer. Whether the weather is icy or mild, they are the ideal choice for enthusiasts who crave the slopes all year round.

Ahead in safety features

We take the safety of our customers seriously and that's evident in the design of our products. Key models in the lineup incorporate the advanced MIPS system, adding an extra layer of protection against angular impacts. Complementing this is Bern's distinguished Compass Fit system, promising a secure and comfy fit, so you can concentrate fully on your ski runs without a worry.

Showcasing style and security

The variety of designs we offer cater to all kinds of aesthetic preferences. Maybe you admire the sophisticated simplicity of a minimalist design, or perhaps bold and outlandish patterns are more your style. Whichever you lean towards, these helmets don't just protect – they also let you display your unique personality on the snowy slopes.

Adjustability for every wearer

These helmets aren't one-size-fits-all. They come with adjustable straps and cushioning that can be modified to fit your head shape perfectly. So regardless of your pace on the slopes, you can trust in the helmet's secure fit and consistent protection.

Ready for all seasons

We understand that skiing enthusiasts need gear that works well in all weather conditions. And that's exactly what these helmets do. With layers suitable for both winter and summer included, they offer adaptability for any weather, remaining uncompromising on safety and comfort – an essential attribute of any skiing gear.