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Women's Ski Helmets

Ski helmets for women at DopeSnow New Zealand

Discover the advantages of Dope Snow's robust range of women's ski helmets, crafted meticulously in conjunction with Bern. Made for any season, these helmets include liners designed for both winter's frosty embrace and summer's gentle heat. Ideal for skiers who brave the slopes all year, this collection is sure to impress.

Designed for your perfect fit

Firmly planted on your head, no matter the slope or speed - that's the promise of our ski helmets. Adjustable straps and a cushioned interior can be altered to suit each unique head shape, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. With these helmets, you can glide or carve without a worry in the world.

Establishing the intersection of style and safety

We have a wide array of helmet designs to capture every style. Whether you're a fan of the clean aesthetics of a minimalist helmet or you prefer bold, standout designs, our range has something for you. A Dope Snow helmet not only keeps you safe but also lets you express your personal style on the snowy descents.

Constant innovations in safety

Your safety is our utmost priority; our helmets underscore this commitment. Certain models are fitted with the advanced MIPS system, providing additional protection against rotational impacts. This, paired with the tried-and-tested Compass Fit system from Bern, delivers a helmet that not only emanates safety but also enhances comfort - facilitating a mindful and enjoyable skiing adventure.

Prepared for the change of seasons

As we cater to the versatile needs of ski enthusiasts, our helmets are fashioned with adaptability in mind. Each helmet comes with liners for both winter and summer, allowing you to tackle any weather condition without a hitch, keeping comfort and safety paramount. These helmets are undoubtedly a key addition to your skiing ensemble.