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Ski Socks

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Superior ski socks for each outing by DopeSnow NZ

Fashioned using innovative polyester materials, these ski socks are fundamental for every ski trip. Whether ascending mountain pathways or exploring the rugged backcountry, they consistently deliver warmth, dryness, and remarkable durability amidst the most challenging landscapes.

Impeccable fit and extraordinary performance

Each pair of socks undergoes meticulous quality assessments, ensuring they preserve their shape and functionality. Their moderate thickness assures a snug boot fit, harmonizing comfort with precision to minimize blisters and excessive perspiration.

Sustained breathability for enduring comfort

Consciously crafted with a fusion of polyester and Merino Wool, our socks specialize in adept moisture regulation, effectively pulling sweat away from the skin, ensuring feet remain dry. Built-in cushioning augments comfort while preserving the essential connection between ski and snow.

Warmth, adaptability and durability

By harmonizing the qualities of soft polyester with Merino Wool and Lycra, our socks deliver consistent warmth, proficient moisture management and a customized fit that accommodates the uniqueness of each foot.