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Men’s Fleece Hoodies

Check out our men's fleece selection

We offer a large selection of fleece models for men to suit a broad spectrum of winter sports. Our lightweight, riding-focused models are ideal for warm days on the ski slopes, while our heavier, cosy, shearling fleeces with DWR (durable water-repellent) protection are perfect for colder evenings in the resort.

Men's fleece pullover, hoodie or sweatshirt: qualities and technicalities to know about

Our fleece designs for men are created to imitate the natural formations of wool in an effort to trap pockets of warm air and offer warmth during cold weather conditions. It’s the main feature of our models that sets them apart from other layers, and they’re the best option for anyone who rides year round. Different weights will increase insolation, which is why we offer a selection of weights and styles for every situation.

You'll find models with quarter zips or as a pullover option, which enable you to keep warm or cool off if needed whenever you need it. Our fleece designs provide complete warmth and comfort whether you're hiking through the woods or hanging out at the bar.

Essential characteristics and fabrics

We design our pullovers for warmth, but we don't want you to get wet when you're out in the cold. All of our sweatshirts and hoodies are made from tightly woven polyester, which adds some resistance to rain and snow.

Our polyester fleece models are created to let you breathe, so they're perfect for keeping you warm and dry when you ride. And since we use fleece material, they don't trap sweat inside either; instead, they allow the natural perspiration to evaporate through the outer layer of the fleece.

Find your colour and size

We offer fleece sweaters that are essential for winter adventures in the snow, they're dry quickly and are super simple to take care of.With their lightweight and breathable properties, they're the ideal mid-layer for a day on the slopes, while their heavier models are very soft, warm, and comfy enough for a cosy evening at the lodge, or for a stroll through the resort when the weather turns chilly.

With a colour palette to suit any taste, and sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large, our fleece collection offers everything you could ever need. Whether you're after classic colours like green, black, red or patterned designs, or if you'd rather go for something bolder and brighter, we've got you covered. From a lightweight mid-layer to keep you warm during those cold days, to a bulky sweater that'll make heads turn wherever you take it, the selection at Dope Snow is bound to please everyone. From the classic pullover model with high neckline and half zip, to an oversized fit.

Discover our selection for men

Get the latest fleece pullover designs from our new releases from Dope Snow's online shop. Select your favourite model and colours, get the rest of your snow equipment out and hit the slopes for loads of fun!