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Women's Snowboard Goggles

Discover snowboard goggles for women from DopeSnow Canada

If you want to buy new pairs of women's ski and snowboard goggles, you'll find everything you could ever want right here at Dope! With full UVA and ultraviolet B (UVB) protection, as well as an array of lens colours, all of which are dust, greasy, and water-resistant, you can look good while protecting your eyes.

Choose the correct goggles for different light conditions

If you like skiing in snowy weather, VLT is very important. A high VLT means more sunlight can get through the lens, so yellow and pink are good colours for winter sports. Low VLT snowboard goggles are best for sunny skies because they let more sun rays pass through. Red, brown, grey, and dark blue are also good choices if you're wearing them during the day. Black, white, and clear is better for nighttime skiing.

Our womens ski and snowboarding goggles collections include both men's and women's models equipped with an anti-fog coating, ventilation systems, and breathable foam for increased airflow.

The right size and shape

All our goggles are available in one size, making it a perfect fit for everyone. We've made sure that you can perfectly match your helmet and your outfit with our selection of different coloured snow goggle styles. Wear them together with your Dope gear for an awesome look.

Visit for our newest drops

Our new snow goggles feature an innovative interchangeable lens design, allowing you to easily switch lenses without removing them from your headgear. They're also equipped with non-slip silicone grip pads to ensure they stay securely in place when you're riding down the mountain. If you want to buy something, contact our customer service department for expert advice. They'll be glad to help you out in whatever way they can. Check out the new snow goggles range for women, and pick the ones that suit your style and the rest of your equipment for this winter season.