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Men’s Ski Base Layers

Men's base layers at

Check out our collection of awesome ski base layer sets for men, your first line of defence when it comes to winter adventures. A baseline is designed to fit tightly against the body and help to trap heat, allowing you to stay warm while not restricting movements while skiing. They're made from synthetic fabrics, offering varying levels of warmth and comfort. But one thing remains constant - base layers are a necessity on the mountain.

Characteristics: breathability

For winter sports, there has to be a balance between warmth and breathability. Some base layers are designed to keep you warm but not too hot; others are designed to keep you cool and dry. There are different types of material used in these layers depending on your style of riding. Our mens base layers are moisture wicking and they offer protection against cold weather even during the most intense skiing sessions.

Functional base layers need to trap warmth and allow moisture to escape, but at the same time a thermal base layer needs to be stylish and feel great on the skin. With us you'll find colours and prints that best match the rest of your ski gear. From classic thermal long sleeve tops, to men's base layer bottoms, ideal for the backcountry and the cold days on the slopes. We've designed our winter apparel to be durable, lightweight, and comfortable, whether you love skiing or snowboarding.

Because baselayer tops and bottoms are intended to be worn underneath ski jackets and mid-layers, they don't necessarily need to offer their own levels of waterproofing. However, since they're meant to help keep you warm and dry outside, they are quick-drying and moisture wrecking.

Our ski and snowboard base layers are made from highly breathable materials, so they're perfect for keeping riders warm and comfortable when riding on the coldest winter days. They actively release excess perspiration and steam, meaning maximum comfort regardless of the temperature and type of snow.

Our top and bottom layers come in various styles and colours, so there's something for every type of ride. They're designed to keep you comfortable and dry when exploring the mountains or hitting the slopes.

Colours and sizes from the men's thermals collection

With a wide variety of colours and designs available, the Dope Snow baselayers for men offer a diverse selection of options that allow riders of all styles to embrace their own unique style. Classic black, grey green and blue, to prints and camo designs. And with a wide array of men's size options ranging from XS to XL, everyone can easily find the right fit and feel at their most comfortable when they're out on the mountains.

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