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Women's Ski Helmets

Ski and snowboard helmets for women by DopeSnow Canada

Explore Dope Snow's exceptional selection of ski and snowboard helmets for women. Designed with the renowned Bern, these helmets are designed for year-round use. Fitted with liners optimised for both winter's chill and summer's ease, they are the perfect choice for snow enthusiasts who are passionate about the slopes, whatever the season.

Conceived for your safety

Our helmets underline our commitment to your safety. They come with advanced features such as the MIPS system for added protection against rotational impacts. The trusted Compass Fit system from Bern further ensures a snug fit, enabling you to enjoy the thrills of the slopes with confidence in your safety.

Blending aesthetics and protection

Within our wide array of designs, you'll find something that aligns with your style. Whether you favour a minimalist ski helmet's sleek elegance or gravitate towards bolder, unique designs, our women's ski and snowboard helmets are not just essential safety gear. They allow you to make your presence known on the snowy hillsides.

A fit that complements every wearer

One key feature of our ski and snowboard helmets is their customisable design. With adjustable straps and internal cushioning, each helmet can be tailored to fit your head perfectly. Regardless of your skiing style or pace, your helmet stays in place, providing reliable protection while ensuring your comfort.

Crafted for seasonal versatility

We recognise the diverse needs of winter sports aficionados. That's why our helmets are designed to be flexible, coming with liners for both winter and summer. This means you're ready to tackle any weather while never compromising on comfort or safety, making these helmets a key part of your skiing and snowboarding kit.