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Women’s Fleece Hoodies

Fleece hoodies for women at Dopesnow CA

Our range of women's fleece is designed for cold weather. We've focused on keeping warmth inside by using our super cosy polyester fabrics and providing a range of weights and designs for every occasion. From heading out for the evening at a frozen ski resort or laying down for a day on the slopes, our snow fleece mid layers will be ready for whatever comes next.

Fleece tops are wonderful pieces of clothing because they retain heat better than a jersey layer of the same weight. Fleece has a unique composition that traps air inside the fibres, allowing it to insulate its wearer. These midlayers come in varying weights, offering different warmth and breathability.

Fleece jackets and sweaters: high-quality materials

We've got light/medium, and heavy-weight fleece hooded models that are designed to keep you warm when you're riding powder, but if you're going into the resort, we've got some shearling fleece that are extra comfy and look awesome, too!

Our fleece jackets for women are made from polyester, making them naturally waterproof without needing special treatments. They're also ideal for cold climates because they don't absorb moisture. We've also added softshell DWR technology to some of our heavier fleeced products, making them easier to use in rainy conditions.

If you're looking for something warm and cosy to wear during the winter months, consider our collection. With their high collars and hoods, they will be indispensable when you go skiing or snowboarding.

Breathable fabric of our fleece pullover collection

Polyester fabric is a breathable material which lets sweat evaporate from the body. It keeps you warm by trapping heat inside its fibres and dries quickly because it traps small amounts of insulating water vapour. A fleece pullover helps keep you warm by keeping you comfortable when wet and prevents you from becoming cold due to sweating.

Womens fleece: pullovers, hoodies and more

There are a variety of different types of fleece pullover and sweater models available. From lightweight to heavy-weight models, there is something suitable for everyone. Whatever style you need, we've got it! We offer unbeatable quality, value and warmth.

Colours, patterns and size ranges

With ranges from XXS to XXL and available in colours that complement our other gear, from dark black and grey to pink, green and light grey, you're sure to find the perfect item to suit your needs. Browse through our range and pick your unique style; whether it's bold and colourful or low-key and understated. We also offer a wide variety of fleece pullover designs for riders of every size and style.

Check out the latest arrivals

We've got some new fleece tops for you! Browse through our latest women's collection and pick out one that fits your needs perfectly for the best season on the mountain. You can buy them easily online, and we offer free shipping every time you place an online purchase.