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Women’s Ski Hats

Ski hats for women at Dope Snow

We offer a wide variety of ski and snow hats and beanie styles, including some made from the finest materials.

Essential characteristics

A beanie hat needs to be warm, protect against the wind, and be comfortable. Those three core features of a ski hat are absolutely essential on any cold-weather trip. We make all our beanies from super stretchy polyester, which means you can wear them all day and not feel any discomfort. Polyester has amazing strength and durability, among other qualities, meaning they're great for everyday wear.

Ski hats: waterproof and breathable

Because acrylic is a synthetic material, each fibre won't absorb moisture. It has a super smooth surface so that the beanie will be naturally waterproof, just because of the fabric itself. But since we didn't use any fancy waterproofing techniques, it remains super lightweight and breathable, as it's also super soft for a fantastic day-long wearing experience while skiing and snowboarding.

Stay warm while skiing and snowboarding

Our midweight knitwear is designed to be super soft and comfortable. The expanded fibres allow for moisture transfer so that your head and skin stay cool and dry, rather than sweating inside your winter hats. Because of the natural convective movement of heat, sweat and humidity will move up and out of the fabric, making our winter knitwear breathable without losing its windproof properties.

Styles and models

Our beanies feature a double-layered construction for superior warmth and comfort. It traps air inside, so you stay warm even when the temperature drops. It won't fray or come apart and can be dyed in any colour.

With an extensive range, you'll certainly find something to adore. Our classic, smooth knits are a must-have, whereas our ribbed designs offer a more rugged appearance. Our knit-style hats are thicker and heavier, so they're also warmer. Choose your favourite one today that match the rest your skiing or snowboarding equipment.

Colours and patterns

Our models are one size fits all. We've made a ski hat that truly suits every woman. Because we make our beanies from a single-layered acrylic knit, they're incredibly stretchy, never lose their shape, and never feel too tight. And with a vast selection of colours that will perfectly complement any of your favourite Dope Snow gear, you can be sure to find something to love this season. From classic black, grey, blue to yellow, green, pink and more; select the type that suits your taste and get ready for the piste.