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Women's Snowboard Pants

Find women's snowboard pant models online at DopeSnow Canada

Our line of women's snowboard bibs and pants is definitely one that puts most brands out there to shame! Dope's Snow prides itself on having a wide range of snowboarding bib pants and classic designs that cater to all kinds of riders and their styles. From light and comfortable enough for the park to technical and versatile enough for the backcountry, Dope Snow has everything you need, offering superior insulated protection for all your snowboarding adventures.

A snowboard pant has one characteristic that remains constant, it needs to be a product capable of handling various weather conditions, whether you're looking for baggy or skinny snow pants or bib. What does it do when it comes to snow and outerwear? It needs to be able to handle powder, blizzard conditions, and slushy terrain.

High-tech materials and specs

Our classic or bib pants for women are made using our awesome shells, which offer excellent performance in all weather conditions. We've got different insulations available so you can decide whether you want to layer up or not, ensuring optimal comfort and adaptability in varying temperatures and climates.

We've developed the most advanced fabrics and materials, allowing us to offer a wide range of styles to suit everyone without sacrificing performance. By blending innovation and quality, we ensure that every piece of gear maximises functionality and durability.

Waterproof and breathable models

We use our advanced shell fabric technology to create women's snow pants that offer excellent waterproofing and breathability but don't add any extra bulk. Our DryTech shells provide substantial waterproofing with a softer feel and greater durability than traditional shell fabrics. They are further improved by applying a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, which reduces the friction between the surface and water, allowing water to bead up rather than soak in.

Breathable fabrics allow moisture to pass through them easily, so they're perfect for riding. By wearing Dope snowboard pants, you can push yourself harder and stay drier for longer on the slopes, ensuring a seamless experience whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Designs, fit and size range for women

The DopeSnow team knows that riders come into all shapes and sizes, so we've started with XXS and went right up to XL for the women's snowboard collection. We've got drop crotch and baggier, and skinnier snow pants models made with stretch materials, regular to slim fits to suit all your riding needs. There are bibs, and there are classic models designed to feel like sweatpants, with each product crafted meticulously to meet the diverse requirements of snowboarders.We offer a wide range of colours, including dark colours like black and blue to bright colours like pink, yellow, purple, etc.
With our wide selection of snow pants, we know you're sure to find something that fits perfectly with the rest of your snowboard equipment. Pick your size and colour, and then let us take care of the rest!

Snowboard pants and bibs for women - get yours at online shop today

Check out our new arrivals from the variety of snowboard pants and select the pant type that best fits your riding style. Whether your day involves spending your time in the backcountry or the park, our snowboard pants and apparel offer enough storage to keep you comfortable throughout your ride. Are you looking for additional pockets or extra details such as ventilation zips? Our women's selection offers plenty of room to store your phone, wallet, keys, and other small items you may need during your next snowboarding adventure.