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Men’s Ski Base Layers

Find high-quality men's ski base layer sets for men at

Check out our great selection of ski base layers for men. They're perfect for keeping you warm during those cold days on the slopes. You'll find a variety of fabrics and styles, so no matter what kind of terrain you plan on tackling, you can count on finding something that works for you. Whether you're skiing down a powder slope, hiking through the woods, or just lounging around the lodge, these top-quality thermal base layer items are sure to keep you comfortable.

Essential characteristics of a baselayer

For winter sports, you must consider the balance between warmth and breathability. Some layers are designed to provide warmth but not breathability; others are designed to provide breathability but not warmth.

Functionally, ski base layers should make sure they keep warm and allow heat to escape. Once this has been done, a brand can focus on making them aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, colours and prints do not affect functionality, so we have gone all out this season to create the best-looking ski base layer and technical clothing possible, meaning you can personalise your outfit however you please. Our winter wear is durable, lightweight, and comfortable, no matter your activity level.

Breathability and fabrics ideal for skiing

Ski thermals aren't necessarily meant to be waterproof, but they need to be breathable since we're going to wear them underneath the ski jacket. They're usually made with some type of material that allows sweat to evaporate from the skin, so you stay comfortable wearing them.

Our ski and snowboard thermals are made from high-quality fabrics to keep you warm and comfortable during winter activities. They're constructed from breathable materials, so they allow your skin to release its own natural heat and perspiration. As a result, they help avoid getting too hot and sweaty when you're outside.

Thermal baselayers options

We've got two different types of base layers available - one for riders who want to ride fast and go long and another for riders who prefer to stay comfortable and cool. Both feature our unique moisture wicking technology, which helps keep you drier and warmer for longer. You can choose high neck long sleeve baselayer tops, add a pair of thermal trousers and you're ready for the next mountain adventure.

Choose your size and colour

With a wide variety of colours and designs available, the Dope Snow collection offers a diverse selection of thermal base layer top and bottom styles that allow riders of all tastes to enjoy wearing something they're proud of. From extra small to extra large sizes, everyone can find their perfect fit and achieve their ideal level of comfort when wearing these stylish pieces.

Discover the latest ski base layer collection

Check out our new ski thermals collection at We offer a large variety of high-quality products for all winter sports. You can choose from different sets, bottoms and tops, colours and sizes. Start shopping today!