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Men’s Ski Fleeces

Ski fleece for men from DopeSnow

Dope Snow has a variety of men's fleece models to cover every situation, from light to heavy conditions. We offer a large selection of fleeces for skiing, snowboarding, and just hanging out at the mountain. Our collection includes options in grey and red, catering to different style preferences.

Technical specs

If you want to be warm when riding in cold weather conditions, then a fleece pullover is the best option available. It provides better thermal protection than other layers because it traps air between its fibres, making it warm and ideal for winter sports. This level of protection is essential for any winter activity.

We offer ski fleeces that are either a half zip or full zip, making them ideal for keeping warm during winter activities. Our casual models have more pockets and weather protection for use outside.

Fleece material

Our polyester fleeces are naturally breathable and moisture-wicked to help you stay comfortable during outdoor and winter activities. Our fleeces allow the natural moisture from your body to escape, but they're warm enough to protect you from the elements.


We offer fleece jacket models that are perfect for snowy adventures. They're quick to dry and super simple to take care of; they're lightweight and stylish. With their lightweight and breathability, Dope Snow's fleeces are the ideal mid-layers for a day in the mountain; their thick, warm, shearling midlayer are the perfect outerwear for a chilly evening at the ski slopes or a stroll through town after dinner.

Discover the latest colour ranges and pick your size

Our models come in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles. We offer men's styles, including hoodies and sweatshirts. Visit our online shop, DopeSnow, to get inspired by our latest collection. Choose your favourite styles, prepare your other ski equipment and be prepared to enjoy the snow!