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Women's Snowboard Pants

Women's snowboard bibs and pants by DopeSnow UK

The Dope Snow range of women's snowboard pants is one that puts most other brands to shame. We offer a broad range of snowboarding bib pants and classics that cover all types of riders and their styles. From the super light and baggy, perfect for the park, to technical and nimble, designed to rip out the backcountry, they've got everything covered.

Tech features and style

Whatever type of snowboard pants you choose, you must be able to tell if they'll keep you warm during winter storms. It would be best if you also considered how well they'd hold up against powdery snow, ice pellets, and slush.

We use our amazing shell fabric for all our classic or bib pants. They're perfect for all kinds of winter conditions - whether they're just for casual wear or when paired with layers underneath. Choose between different insulations or add extra layering underneath, so you stay warm and comfortable throughout the day. With our advanced fabrics and innovative designs, we're able to offer an array of styles without sacrificing performance.

Waterproofing and breathability: essential features

We use our advanced shell fabric technology to create lightweight, highly breathable, waterproof snowboard pants. They offer excellent waterproofness and comfort but aren't too bulky, so they won't weigh you down when you're out exploring the mountains. You'll be able to enjoy the mountain even during the super cold days. Breathable fabrics allow moisture to pass through them quickly, so they're perfect for athletes who want to be able to work out harder and stay drier for longer. Our trousers offer protection against water and snow, ensuring the best performance on the slopes, thanks to the stretch fabric that allows you to move freely.

Models and designs for women

There are so many styles of snowboard pants available for women; from ones designed specifically for all-mountain use to more flexible options suited to park riding, our women's range is extensive and catered to all riders. Fom classic cut to bretels, zip vents and multiple pockets, we offer options for all your needs.

Sizing, colours and more

The dope snow team knows that riders come in all shapes and sizes, so we've started with XXS and gone up through XL and XXL for our women's line. We've got drop crotch and baggier styles and trousers made with stretchy fabrics, regular fit to slim fit, to make everyone comfortable.

Our online store offers a wide colour range , including dark ones like black and blue to lighter shades like pink, yellow, purple, etc. With so many different styles and looks available, there's no reason not to get yourself a new pair. Choose your size, fabric, and pattern, then just let us know which ones you want, and we'll take care of the rest!

Check out the new range in our online shop and pick the pair that fits your needs. Whatever your choice, whether you're into snowboarding in the backcountry or just hitting the slopes during the day, we've got the equipment you need.