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Men’s Snowboard Gloves

Find snowboard gloves and mittens for men

DopeSnow offers a wide variety of snowboard gloves for both women and guys. If you want something warm and waterproof to go into the backcountry, if you're looking for a lightweight or a midweight ski/snowboard mitt, or if you just don't feel like wearing fingerless gloves, then DopeSnow has got you covered.

Ideal characteristics for snowboarding

Snowboarding gloves need to be waterproof and warm, and that's exactly what DopeSnow has created. We offer a range of heavy-duty gloves and mitts designed to protect against cold weather conditions, with added insulation for protection. While our lighter models focus more on keeping hands warm, they are also insulated, ensuring that your fingers stay cosy even during chilly descents.

Snowboard mitts and gloves: technical specifications

To choose the best gloves, it's important to look for a high breathable rating and waterproofness. Our gloves and mitts are made from the same material as our outerwear, so they're incredibly durable and water resistant. Hands are kept warm thanks to a mixture of high-tech synthetic fabrics and an insulated inner lining, which helps retain heat.

Some may be made from completely waterproof material. However, these gloves could cause sweaty hands due to their lack of breathable properties. Our designs offer both breathable and waterproof properties, ensuring protection and comfort for the wearer.

Designs and options available for winter sports

With models covering everything from the lightweight pink gloves suitable for milder days to the full-on all-mountain, every rider is covered. From gloves with a DWR-coated nylon shell for light use, to those that are great all-rounders and are warm and waterproof, but also models with full insulation and waterproof material, perfect for long-riding sessions.

Colours and size range

With its clean lines and classic colour palette, DopeSnow has created an innovative design that will never go out of fashion. Its unique material combination provides superior thermal properties, making it ideal for outdoor use. Offered in a wide variety of colours and styles, the DopeSnow collection is designed to complement any outfit. You can find an option that matches your style and fits comfortably into your life. From simple black and white styles to vibrant hues, including the popular pink shade, you'll find something that works for you. Choose the size and colour that best suits your needs, then shop online today.

Visit for the latest snowboard mittens and gloves for men

Winter sports require special equipment, including gloves and mittens. We offer many of these items, from basic, classic designs to high-tech, waterproof options. Checkout the latest collection and get ready for the snowboarding season.

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