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Women's Ski Helmets

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DopeSnow UK's collection of women's ski and snowboard helmets

Dive into Dope Snow's unique range of ski and snowboard helmets specifically designed for women. Expertly crafted in collaboration with Bern, these helmets boast year-round functionality. Be it the biting cold of winter or the softer warmth of summer, we've got a helmet for every season, catering to winter sports lovers who enjoy the slopes all year round.

Optimised for every individual

The ski and snowboard helmets in our collection boast adjustable straps and plush internal cushioning. This means you can easily tailor your helmet to fit your head perfectly. Regardless of your speed or style on the slopes, our helmets stay secure, offering continuous comfort and protection.

The seamless blend of style and safety

Our helmet designs cater to a broad spectrum of tastes. Whether you're drawn to the classy elegance of minimalist helmets, or you prefer a pop of colour to stand out on the slopes, our women's ski and snowboard helmets deliver. More than just essential protective gear, they offer a way for you to express your distinct style on the wintry landscape.

Geared for multi-season use

A key feature of our ski and snowboard helmets is their flexible design to adapt to the changing needs of winter sports enthusiasts. With both winter and summer liners provided in each helmet, you're prepared to face any weather without having to compromise on safety or comfort. This adaptability makes our helmets an essential item in your gear collection.

Conceived with cutting-edge safety features

We have incorporated advanced safety elements in our helmets. Some are equipped with the MIPS system, providing an extra layer of protection from rotational impacts. Adding to this is Bern's trusted Compass Fit system, ensuring a snug and comfy fit. Safe, comfortable, and stylish - everything you need in a ski or snowboard helmet for a great time on the slopes.