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Women’s Snowboard Gloves

Women's ski and snowboard gloves by DopeSnow

The Dope Snow women's mitten and glove line offer warmth and protection for your hands during cold weather activities. Whether you're riding powder, park or groomers, our mittens and glove lines offer great performance and value. We design our products to provide maximum coverage and comfort so you can enjoy your favourite sport without sacrificing style.

Water resistance and breathability of women's snowboard mittens and gloves

We've ensured that our designs blend form and functionality perfectly, so you can enjoy winter sports without sacrificing comfort. Our products are designed to withstand the elements and last longer than any others available.

Gloves for snowboarding can be made from various materials, including synthetic leather, neoprenes, and non-slippery silicon. We make our gloves so they'll stay functional even during challenging situations. With our snowboard gloves, we use advanced materials like our Drytech polyester shell, as well as having them treated with our DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating, so they keep you dry in wet conditions. We also include a polyurethane membrane on our all-season models and cool stuff like neoprene cuffed fingers, which means your hand stays drier longer on the slopes. Upgrade your glove game this season with a new pair of dope snow mittens!

Breathable membranes keep water out, which is perfect for keeping your fingers dry while working outside.

Choose your colour and size

With sizes ranging from XS to XXL, we've got something for everyone! You'll be able to pick your perfect fit, and our wide selection of styles ensures you'll always look good no matter where you go.

Pick your new ski/snowboarding mitt in your favourite colours, with more or less insulating properties to suit the season. We've got an incredible selection of high-tech mittens for men and women, so pick up your skis or snowboards and hit the slopes.

Check out all the different snowboard mitt and glove models for women

With three distinct categories of the glove, Dope offers you the versatility to choose your ideal pair for any occasion. The lightest offering provides the best level of waterproofing and breathability, allowing you to enjoy sunny days without worrying about getting wet. For those colder conditions, we also offer a medium-weight range that balances comfort and durability. Finally, our heaviest pairs are designed to keep you warm and comfortable through the harshest winter conditions.