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Women's Ski Goggles

Women's ski and snowboard goggles from DopeSnow

If you're on the hunt for the season's essentials in women's ski or snowboard goggles, Dope is the place to be. They offer a fantastic range of products that provide full UVA and UV protection, complemented by a myriad of lens colour options. These technical features ensure your vision remains unobstructed, even when the elements threaten to cloud your sight with dust and grime.

Types of lenses

The choice between cylindrical and spherical lens styles is not just about technical aspects but also aesthetics. Cylindrical lens styles exude a more traditional and timeless appearance than their spherical counterparts, making them especially appealing for those who wear contact lenses.

When diving deep into the realm of ski goggles, VLT (Visible Light Transmission) becomes paramount. High VLT implies that more light can permeate, making yellow and pink lens colours optimum for low-light and inclement conditions. In contrast, sunnier atmospheres call for medium VLT glasses like red, brown, purple, or orange. However, for perfectly clear days, low VLT sunglasses in shades like black, grey, blue, or green come into play, minimising glare efficiently.

Anti-fogging goggle technology

Our ski goggles aren't just about looks; they pack a punch with their technical prowess. They come equipped with an advanced anti-fog treatment, ensuring moisture remains at bay. Moreover, the robust armour plating and breathable foam additions augment airflow and protection levels.

Accessories and extras

With the ski season in full swing, our innovative interchangeable pop-out lens system, combined with an adjustable strap and non-slip silicone grip, enhances your skiing experience. It's not just about functionality; it's about style. Elevate your winter sports game by matching your goggles with a curated selection of apparel, from snow gloves and hats to the all-important outer layer, culminating in the quintessential winter look.

The right size and shape for you

Our goggles are designed to fit all, coming in a universal size. The diverse palette of snow goggle styles allows for seamless coordination with helmets, snow gear, and other apparel, ensuring you're not just technically equipped but also look the part.

Discover our latest ski goggle collection

Keen on updating your ski or snowboard goggles? Dive into our online store and explore our latest collection. If guidance is what you seek, our customer service representatives stand ready to assist. So, delve into our updated ski goggles range and find the perfect pair that resonates with your skiing or snowboarding gear.