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Men's Ski Helmets

Dope snow men's ski and snowboard helmets: unmatched safety and style

Discover the exclusive range of Dope Snow's men's ski and snowboard helmets, a result of a creative collaboration with Bern. Each piece in this collection is expertly crafted to support year-round adventures, featuring versatile liners for both winter and summer use. This adaptability makes our helmets an ideal choice for enthusiasts who love the slopes in any weather.

Combining safety with style

Our diverse collection boasts a wide array of designs, catering to all tastes and personalities. Whether you prefer the understated elegance of a minimalist design or the energetic flair of a vibrant pattern, our helmets make a statement. They are not just about safety; they reflect your individuality and enhance your presence on the slopes.

Advanced safety technologies

We take pride in offering helmets that are as safe as they are stylish. Selected models in our collection are equipped with the MIPS system, providing superior protection against rotational forces during impacts. This feature, coupled with Bern's renowned Compass Fit system, ensures a helmet that is safe, comfortable, and secure, giving you peace of mind as you engage in your favorite winter sports.

Customizable fit for every rider

Comfort and safety go hand in hand, which is why our helmets come with adjustable straps and customizable internal padding. This allows for a fit that is not just secure, but also uniquely tailored to your head shape. Such personalized fit ensures that the helmet stays in place, providing consistent protection and comfort, whether you're cruising down a gentle slope or navigating more challenging terrain.

Designed for all-season versatility

Understanding the diverse needs of ski and snowboard enthusiasts, our helmets are designed for versatility. The inclusion of both winter and summer liners in each helmet means you're prepared for any weather condition, without compromising on comfort or safety. This all-season functionality makes our helmets a practical and valuable addition to your skiing and snowboarding gear.