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Discover womens snowboard gloves

The Dope Snow range of women's mittens and gloves for snowboard and winter sports, covers all eventualities. From the warm and cozy to the lightweight and ready to shred. Our snowboard and gloves are made for the best materials and are designed to perform in all conditions. With a focus on total functionality that provides comfort all over the mountain, Dope Snow's gloves are a true essential for the winter season.

Characteristics and features

Snowboard gloves come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Mitts or gloves, light or heavy, but all of them need to keep your hands warm and dry while you're riding. We make our gloves from the most high tech materials, like our DWR treated polyester shells, neoprene, and non-slip silicone, to make sure they keep working, no matter the conditions or the situation.

Snowboarding gloves: style and functionality

Blending style and function is a tall order, but Dope Snow have made sure to provide plenty of options to match your gear, as well as offering both mittens and gloves for snowboarding to suit your personal taste. Made using durable construction methods, from synthetic materials that will keep the water out and the heat locked in to prevent your fingers from getting wet and cold, our models are built for winter adventures, and will look good and feel good even when you're pushing your limits.

Technical specs: waterproofing and breathability

Our women's mittens and gloves utilize advanced materials like our DryTech polyester shell, as well as being treated with our DWR coating to make sure you stay dry. We also included a polyurethane membrane on our all-weather snowboard gloves, and awesome features like neoprene cuffs, which means your hands stay dryer for longer on the mountain. Upgrade your glove-game this year with a new pair of DopeSnow gloves.

When it comes to breathability, a lot of glove and mitten models struggle. Most glove and mitten models will utilize a sealed polyurethane layer to ensure waterproofing, but this means that gloves won't breath and you will get sweaty and wet hands. By employing a breathable membrane, however, our gloves stay waterproof, but allow moisture to escape, meaning your hands remain dryer and warmer for longer.

A vast range to choose from

With three core types of gloves, Dope Snow has you covered for every situation. The lightest gloves offer water resistance and are perfect for bluebird days or park laps. Our medium weight snow glove and mitt models balance warmth and weather resistance for solid all-mountain performance. While our heaviest gloves keep heat locked in and offer maximum warmth and protection.

Colors and sizes f

With colors to match all your favorite Dope Snow gear, along with plenty of options in sizing and style, all hands are well looked after. We have sizing from extra small to extra large, which means you can find your perfect fit and style it out however you like. A range of colorways means you can mix it up or match with the rest of your snow equipment perfectly to customize your unique look on the mountain.

Discover latest arrivals from

Choose your new glove in your favorite color, with more or less insulation to adapt to the weather conditions. Our collection of high-tech gloves is ideal for winter sports. Check our new arrivals from the women's snowboard collection, packed with function details and with unique style, grab your board and get ready for the slopes!

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