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Discover the fleece collection for men

Dope Snow offers a wide range of fleece for men to suit a number of activities and styles. From lightweight, riding-focused fleece, to heavy, cozy, shearling models with DWR panelling perfect for cold nights in the resort, our men's snowboarding fleece have your back covered in all weathers and situations.

Best quality and technical features

A fleece pullover is designed to mimic the natural formation of wool in order to trap pockets of heat and provide warmth on the mountain. This is the key aspect of a fleece top over other types of midlayer, and makes it the primary choice for riders everywhere. Difference fleece pullover weight will increase insulation, which is why Dope Snow offers a range of weights for all situations.

Men's fleece jackets, sweaters and fleece pullover line

Our fleece models are either a quarter zip or hooded pullover, which makes them completely functional when it comes to locking heat in or cooling off. Our casual sweatshirts have more storage and weather protection for use off the mountain.

Key characteristics of materials

Our pullover and sweatshirt designs concentrate on warmth, but that doesn't mean they won't stand up to a little rain or snow. A tightly woven polyester construction gives them a natural water resistance, while our shearling models and heavier ones come with DWR panelling in critical zones to further aid with water resistance. Like this, you're protected during your snowboarding and skiing sessions.

Fleece for men: polyester

Polyester is a naturally breathable fabric, and our fleece sweaters are no exception. Our riding models from the men's collection have high breathability and moisture wicking to keep you cool on the mountain, while a warmer pullover for men allows the natural moisture from the body to escape without sacrificing heat, thanks to the unique structure of fleece material.

Mens fleece types

Our fleeces are perfect for winter adventures on the snow, they are quick to dry and super easy to be taken care of; they are lightweight and stylish.

From lightweight to shearling, Dope Snow offers a dynamic and beautiful range of fleece pullovers and jacket models crafted for every occasion. A lighter fleece is the ideal midlayer for a day of riding, while our thicker models are super soft and are the perfect piece of clothing for a cozy night in, or for a walk around the resort when the temperature drops.

Colors and sizes

With a color range to match every style, and size range from extra small to extra large, our fleece collection is perfect for everyone. Whether you're looking for classic colors such as green, black, red, patterns or new colorways that match the rest of your equipment, we've got you. Whether you need a technical mens midlayer to lock heat in, or something oversized and slouchy to wear out with a pair of jeans for a drink, the range at Dope Snow is sure to impress, with a multitude of options for all tastes. From a classic pullover model with high collar and half zip, full zip, to an oversize fit.

Check the latest collection

Discover men's fleece and outerwear new arrivals at DopeSnow online shop, choose your favorites, prepare the rest of your snowboarding gear and get ready to have fun on the slopes!

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