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Women’s Fleece Hoodies

Discover fleece for women for snowboarding and winter sports

The Dope Snow range of fleece hoodies for women made for winter. We concentrated on locking heat in with our super cozy polyester blends, and provided a range of weights and styles for every occasion. Heading out for the night around a frozen resort, or layering up for a day on the mountain, our snowboarding fleece sweaters are ready for anything.

The unique makeup of a fleece allows it to trap air in the fabric, and insulate the wearer. Women's models with different weights perform differently and offer different warmth and breathability levels, which is why Dope Snow offers a wide range of types in differing weights.

High performing women's fleece pullover and hoodies

Our lighter, mid-weight designs are designed to be the perfect mid-layer for snowboarding adventures. By sealing a layer of air between your body and your outer layer, you'll stay warmer on the mountain, even with a lightweight fleece hoodie. If you're heading out in the resort, though, and want to be super stylish, our shearling fleece models are cozy, warm, and look amazing, too.

Materials and fleece models

Because we make our models out of polyester, which is a synthetic fiber, they're naturally water resistant without being treated or made for it. Water won't soak into the fabric as easily as with cotton or wool, making them perfect for winter wear. Some of our heavier fleeces are also enhanced with softshell DWR paneling to make them more versatile in inclement weather.

With a range of models and types of fleece available, there's something for every snowboarder out there. Whether you're in the market for something lightweight to keep in your pack on a day on the mountain, or something cozy to throw on when you get back to the hotel. Our fleece range is ready for your next trip and offers unbeatable quality, value, and more importantly, warmth.

Comfy on the slopes with a cozy fleece

If you love spending all day on the slopes, you need a fleece pullover mid layer which ensures you comfort and protection against cold temperatures. Our fleece pullover line, with its high collar and hooded models, will become an essential part of your snowboard equipment and your best friends for a season on the mountain.

The importance of breathability

Polyester is a breathable material that allows moisture to be wicked away from the skin. The construction of fleece fabrics means that moisture can be let out while warmth is trapped. Fleece helps to trap air pockets for better insulation, but doesn't hold onto water, meaning you not only stay warm, but also dry too, which is imperative for those long days on the mountain.

New fleece hoodie collection for women at

With sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, and available in a color range that complement our other gear, from dark colors such as black and gray to pink, green and light gray, you're sure to be able to find the perfect item for you. Check out our range and create your unique snowboard style today. Be bold and go bright, or keep it casual in low-key black. Our fleece womens designs are made for riders of all styles, tastes, and sizes.

Check our latest women's fleece hoodie collection for snowboarding and winter sports. Find the women's fleece model that best suits your style, with us, you can order comfortably online, delivery is always free.