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Men’s Ski Base Layers

Discover men's base layers online

Check out our range of awesome men's baselayers, your first line of defense when it comes to winter adventures. A base layer, designed with durability in mind, fits closely to the body, featuring insulation properties to trap heat. This allows you to stay warm without restricting movement. Made from a variety of material options, both synthetic and organic, their resistance and properties are varied. But one thing is certain: Base layers, with their casual look yet essential feature, are a necessity on the mountain.

The best skiing base layer for men

Warmth and breathability of a base layer must be balanced to achieve great functionality for winter sports. Some base layer models focus on warmth, with enhanced insulation, to keep you cozy on the mountain. Others prioritize moisture-wicking, ensuring your bottom remains cool and dry. Different materials of the men's lightweight base layer perform uniquely to accommodate various riding styles.

Functionally, base layers need to trap warmth and let steam out. Once this has been achieved, a brand can work on enhancing the casual feature of a base layer, making it look good! Thankfully, color and print don't affect performance, which is why we have gone all out to produce the most stylish base layers possible. You can customize your look with various options this season. Our thermal gear boasts durability, light weight, and supreme resistance, ensuring comfort no matter how intense your snowboarding and skiing activity is.


As base layer tops and bottoms are designed to be worn under skiing jackets and midlayers, they don't inherently have any waterproofing. But that's good news because they can focus more on letting sweat out, ensuring optimal wickability. Wickability is a primary feature of a good base layer, and all of Dope Snow's options are moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry during your skiing adventure.

Fabric weight and breathability for high-quality thermals

Made from highly breathable materials, our skiing and snowboarding base layer long sleeve tops and pants are perfect companions for any rider hitting the slopes. The body naturally releases heat and moisture, and the breathability of a product measures how much moisture it lets out. With our design, our men's baselayers actively release excess sweat and steam, ensuring maximum comfort irrespective of the weather conditions, enhancing the insulation against cold wetness.


With both tops and bottoms base layer on offer, featuring a range of designs and material options, our baselayer products are perfect for everyone. Casual riders who like to lap the resort will find the brushed inner surfaces cozy, lightweight, and warm against the skin. But if you're riding hard and producing lots of sweat, their wickable design will efficiently transport moisture away, granting a premium experience all day long, whether on the piste or in the backcountry.

Colors and sizes

With a broad range of colors and men's sizes, including solid colors like gray, blue, green, and black, and the latest patterns and prints, the Dope Snow baselayer range for men provides diverse options. It allows riders of all tastes to flaunt their unique style. And with sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, everyone can find their perfect fit, ensuring they feel their best this season.

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Explore our new men's baselayer clothing collection in our online shop. A vast selection of high-tech pants and tops for all winter activities awaits you. Select your favorite set, base layer bottoms, and tops, choose the right color and size, and begin layering for the slopes with style and durability in mind.