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Women’s Ski Hats

Discover women's ski hats

DopeSnow have an unbeatable range of beanies perfect for snowy conditions. With the classic low-profile beanie perfect to wear under your helmet, right through to the chunkiest, fluffiest beanie you could imagine, ideal for winter walks or cold nights at the resort, Dope's snow hat range is second to none. Made from the best materials, our snow and skiing hats and beanies are built for skiing and snowboarding.

Characteristics and features of womens ski hats and beanies

A beanie needs to be warm, keep the wind out, and be comfortable. These core features of a beanie are absolutely essential on any winter trip. DopeSnow have made all of their beanies and hats from super stretchy acrylic, which means you get the perfect fit every time without any pulling pressure. Acrylic has amazing shape retention and durability, among other properties, making it ideal for intense, daily use.

Style and functionality of the best ski and snowboard hats for women

Using a double-layered acrylic construction, our women's ski hats are super functional as well as stylish. Layered fabric trap heat better than thicker ones, which means you stay cosy and warm even in the coldest temperatures. Acrylic is longlasing, doesn't fray, and can be dyed any color, too, which means you never have to compromise on style, and can look your best all season long.

Waterproofing and breathability for skiing and snowboarding hats

Acrylic is a synthetic fibre, which means that each thread won't absorb water. As it has a super smooth texture, too, the skiing beanie will be naturally water resistant, just because of the way that it's made. But because we haven't used any fancy membranes or waterproof materials, it stays super light and breathable, as well as being super soft for an awesome all-day wearing experience.

Our midweight acrylic weave is designed to be super stretchy and expand around the head. The expanded fibre pattern then allows head and moisture to be transferred away from the skin, instead of remaining trapped. Due to the natural convection of heat, sweat and moisture will be pushed through the hat and released upwards in the cold air, meaning our snow beanies are breathable without sacrificing any windproofing or warmth.


With an extensive range of styles and types, you'll no doubt find something to love. Our classic smooth knitted beanies are a mountain essential, whereas our ribbed models provide a more rugged look. Our knit-style beanies are chunkier and heavier, meaning they're even warmer. But all of our womens snow hats are made with the same high quality and daily durability, making them the perfect winter companions.

Womens ski beanies and hats: colors and sizes that suit all

Our one-size-fits-all beanie really does fit everyone. Because we make our womens skiing hats and beanies from a two-layer acrylic knit, they're super stretchy and have amazing shape retention. That means they'll never go out of shape, and never feel tight. And with a wide range of colors that will match all of your favourite DopeSnow outfits, you're sure to find something to fall in love with this winter season.