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Men’s Snowboard Pants 

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Discover snowboard pants & bibs for men

Discover the latest range of amazing snowboard pants for men. With the latest fashion trends at the forefront of their mind, DopeSnow has combined snow style with cutting edge technical construction to deliver all-around comfort and all-day performance. With snowboarding pants and bibs ranging from skinny to baggy, from insulated to shell, and from bib to practically waterproof sweatpants, no other brand boasts a range like Dope Snow.

Characteristics and features for the best men's snow pants and bibs

We believe that snowboard pants are as individual as any other piece of gear, and so have crafted a range that appeals to all riders. If you're a technical rider looking to explore the backcountry, then our bibs offer amazing waterproofing and insulation. If you prefer the park, our lightweight pants have no insulation and plenty of room to move. But no matter your choice, you're sure to receive a fully waterproof and durable pant (or bib pant) ready for every situation.

Men's bib pant or classic pants: stylish and functional

Functionality is key on the mountain, but we cannot forget style. Riding well is as much about feeling and looking good, as it is about high-quality items. It's a good thing that we have focused on both, then. With plenty of waterproofing, breathability, and insulation, Dope has all eventualities covered. And with great features like snow gaiters to prevent the water from getting inside between the pant the snowboard boots, integrated belts, and waterproof pockets, you're well looked after.

Waterproofing and breathability

Dope Snow uses the best material to ensure the highest levels of waterproofing possible in their pants and bib models. With a predominantly polyester based shell, the range offers excellent durability to go with its technical stats. Enhanced with an advanced durable water repellent treatment, too, these snow pants are capable of standing up to tough conditions. And thanks to their durable construction, they'll perform all season long.

When it comes to breathability, you can be sure that Dope is at the forefront of technology. Their polyester outer shell offers excellent moisture transmission, allowing sweat and heat to be let out, reducing sweat build up. This is imperative to stay comfortable all day long while snowboarding as the strenuous activity generates a lot of body heat. Stay dry and comfortable this winter with our new collection for men.

A classing snow pant or a bib pant for men?

We have a range of models and collections to suit every rider. Our Fully Featured collection offers great waterproofing as well as a layer of insulation, making them ideal for all-mountain wear. Our bibs have enhanced durability, too making them perfect for snowboarding in the backcountry. While our Lightweight collection is insulation free, it ensures complete freedom of movement and it's ready for the park. No matter your riding style, we have the right pair of pants for you.

Men's snowboard pant collection: colors and sizes

With so many individual fashion styles, we have tried our hardest to produce a range to suit everyone. With men's snow pants starting as small as XXS and ranging to XXL, every size and shape can feel comfy this season. And with colors ranging from classic black to bold and patterned, you can express yourself however you want. But we didn't stop there. With styles from baggy to skin, bib to classic pant, the only problem is actually choosing. Whether you need a warm and insulated pant, a lightweight model, with gaiters or multiple pockets, with us you're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

Discover all men's snowboarding pants and bib at

Check out the new arrivals from the men's snowboard collection on our online store. A wide selection of high quality, features packed, durable models that will match the rest of your snowboard clothing and equipment. Shop comfortably online and get ready for your winter adventures!

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