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Women's Snowboard Pants 

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Discover women's snowboard bibs and pants

The Dope Snow range of women's snowboard pants and bibs is one that puts most brands to shame! Dope Snow are proud to champion a wide range of snowboard bib pants and classic models that cover all possible riders and their styles. With lightweight and baggy, ready for the snowpark, and more technical and nuanced, designed to tear up the backcountry, Dope Snow has something for every kind of riding.

Women's snowboarding pants: features

Whether you want a baggy or skinny, light or insulated snow pants or bib, the characteristics of a great snowboard bib or classic always boil down to the same thing. How does it perform on the mountain? When you're talking about snow and outerwear, you need to know how it's going to fare against powder, blizzards, and slush.

Materials and fabrics

All our classic or bib pant models are made using our awesome shell fabrics which provide great performance in all weathers. You can choose from different insulation levels or add layering underneath if needed, to ensure warmth and comfort all day long.

Style and functionality

When you're balancing style and functionality, finding the right measures can be tough. Dope Snow has held nothing back when developing the top performing fabrics and materials, which has opened the doors for radical and creative design. Because the fabrics are so advanced, we've been able to offer a wide range of styles to suit everyone without compromising on the functionality, for the best snowboarding experience.

Snow pants for women: waterproofing and breathability

Using our advanced shell fabrics, we're able to achieve snow pants for women with a high level of waterproofing and breathability without the need for unnecessary bulk. Our DryTech shell offers substantial waterproofing with a soft handfeel and great durability, and is further enhanced by the application of a durable water repellent treatment, which lowers the friction coefficient of the surface, causing water to bead off instead of soaking in for better all-weather performance. A waterproof comfortable snow pant is what you need for a season of adventures on the slopes.

Breathability is the measure of how much moisture can move through the fabric from the inside, which speaks to how hard you can work, and how much sweat is released or trapped. Our active membranes work harder when you do, which means by wearing Dope snowboard pants and bibs you can push your riding harder and stay dryer for longer thanks to this amazing technology.

From classic to bib pant

With a wide range of models and types of snowboard pants available, you never need to compromise. From bibs and pants built for all-mountain riding, to more flexible options that allow maximum freedom that suit snowboarding in the park, our women's range is extensive, and caters to all types of rider. Perfect for the cold or warm weather, for the adventurous or the laid back, no matter your style, you can find the perfect snowboard pant this winter season.

Colors and sizes available

The DopeSnow team knows that riders come in all shapes and sizes, and we love all of them equally. That's why we've started with XXS and gone right up to XXL for the women's collection. We've got drop-crotch and baggy, and skinny pant models made with stretch materials, regular to slim fit, to suit all your needs. There are bibs, and there are models that feel like sweatpants.

In our online shop you'll find a great selection of colors from dark ones like black and blue to pink, yellow, purple and many more.

No matter your needs, your look, or your riding style, Dope has the perfect pant that matches the rest of your snowboarding equipment. Just pick your favorite, for each pair you can select your size, color, and leave the rest to us.

Latest women's snowboarding pants from

Check out our new arrivals from the variety of snowboarding pants and choose the pant type that best suits your riding style. Whether you love spending your days snowboarding in the backcountry or in the park, we offer snow gear that will handle all weather conditions. Do you need extra storage? Choose a pant or bib with extra pockets. Check our women's selection and order the perfect match for the rest of your snow gear.

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