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Women's Snowboard Clothing

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Looking to pick up some new women's snowboard apparel and gear for this coming cold season? Our huge range of women's clothing for snowboarding and winter sports here at Dope Snow is perfect for any shopping activity. We have everything you could need, from insulated jackets, snow pants, and powder skirts to goggles,gloves, mittens, beanies, neck warmers, and even facemasks.

The most important features for the best snowboarding wear

When shopping for any snowboard clothing, you need to consider important features for protection. Waterproofing and breathability are key to staying dry and temperature controlled. Our very own membranes ensure waterproofing across the range of snowboarding gear, while our materials encourage breathability for total comfort. Pockets with a high waterproofing rating ensure water and snow stay out, while breathable gear makes sure the moisture is released outside, keeping you comfortable and dry during your winter adventures.

Best colors, styles, and looks from the women's snowboard collection

Whether you want to keep it casual with black and gray, or go wild with pinks, blues, oranges, yellows, purples, and even camos and tie-dyes, you can be sure to find matching colorways right through the range so you can build your perfect women's snowboard look from the bottom up. And don’t forget the importance of underwear; they might be hidden, but they play a crucial role in your overall comfort.

Check the latest arrivals for snowboarding

Everyone rides differently, and your snow wear should suit. For the backcountry and powder riders, we have technical shells, powder skirts, and lightweight options, while for those lapping the resort and park we offer insulated jackets and soft shell models with gaiters, fit for any situation.

Styles and options

Choose the style that better suits your needs from a vast selection of snowboard models, with front or side zip, with insulation or not, grab the rest of your snow gear, and store them in proper storage before heading to the mountain.

When it comes to snowboard pants, we have a huge range of options. From skinny and stretchy snow pants to classic baggy and cargo pants, it's all right here. And if you prefer a bib, ours are super hard-wearing, and have the same amazing waterproofing as everything else in the range.

The importance of layering for snowboarding

Warmth starts with your base layer. If you want to stay thermoregulated, then quality snowboarding base layers are key. Our thermals have a brushed back inner for extra warmth, and breathable constructions to keep you feeling cool and collected while you ride. Quick drying fabric ensures you stay dry all day on the slopes.

Complete your snowboard look with the best accessories

Ready to shop for your next women's snowboard complete look? Store your items with confidence at Dope Snow thanks to our free shipping and returns policy. And if you need help with choosing your new gear, reach out to our customer experience team and they'll be glad to advise on anything you might need.