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Women's Ski Helmets

Women's ski and snowboard helmets by DopeSnow US

Welcome to our premier collection of women's ski and snowboard helmets, presented by Dope Snow in partnership with Bern. Each helmet in our assortment is engineered for use during all seasons, outfitted with liners that can withstand both the icy chill of winter and the moderate heat of summer. For those looking to command the slopes, irrespective of the season, look no further.

Ensuring a customized fit

The ski and snowboard helmets that we offer include adjustable straps and internal padding that can be tailored to match the unique contour of your head. No matter how adventurous or relaxed your descents are, you can rely on your helmet to remain securely in place, providing constant protection and comfort.

Appreciating the fusion of aesthetics and protection

In our broad range, we've got designs that cater to every style, taste and preference. Whether it's the minimalist look you love or a helmet with bold, vibrant patterns, our women's ski and snowboard helmets are more than just essential gear – they're a reflection of your style and personality on the icy landscape.

Built for seasonal adaptability

We envision the varied needs of ski and snowboard enthusiasts; every helmet we create offers flexibility for the wearer. Each helmet includes both winter and summer liners, equipping you to face any weather condition while sustaining optimal comfort without compromising on safety. This makes these helmets an indispensable part of your gear.

Embracing advanced safety elements

Our commitment to your safety is unwavering and is demonstrated clearly in the designs of our helmets. Certain models come with the advanced MIPS system, offering added protection against rotational impacts. To add, the Compass Fit system from Bern ensures a snug fit, creating a helmet that's not just safe but also enhances your comfort, so you can fully enjoy your skiing or snowboarding experience.