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Women's Snowboard Goggles 

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Women’s ski/snowboard goggles from Dope — style and protection for your eyes

If you’re ready to shop for your next pair of snow goggles, then you’ll find everything you need right here at Dope. With full UVA and UVB protection, as well as a range of lens colours, all of which are dirt, grease, and hydrophobic, you can look good and protect your eyes at the same time.

Lens shapes in ski/snowboard goggles — cylindrical vs. spherical

The discussion between cylindrical and spherical lenses is purely aesthetic. Spherical lenses provide that classic bubble-eyed look that became popular in the 2000s thanks to many pros wearing them, while the cylindrical look offers a more modern and minimalist style.

Women’s ski/snowboard goggles for different weathers and VLT

When searching for the right color and tint for your goggles, VLT is important. Standing for Visible Light Transmission, a high VLT will mean more light gets in. Yellow and pink lenses with high VLTs are great for low-light and cloudy days. Medium VLT lenses like red lenses are great for changeable conditions, while low VLT lenses like black, blue, silver, or green, are suited to bright conditions.

Prevent fogging with ventilation and Anti-fog Technologies

All of our goggles come with a special anti-fog coating which prevents moisture from clinging to the lens. We also equip all our goggles with armoured venting and breathable foam to increase airflow and further prevent condensation buildup.

Interchangeable lenses, straps and other features in snow goggles

With a unique interchangeable pop-out lens system, as well as changeable straps, keeping your goggles stylish has never been easier. We also outfitted our goggles with non-slip silicone grips to keep it in place on your beanie or helmet for maximum comfort and security.

Ski/snowboard goggles for women — the right size and fit

Available in two sizes, our goggles are perfect for everyone. Our medium sized goggles offer an enhanced fit for riders with smaller faces, while our large size fit is perfect for those with larger faces, or for riders who wish to get that true oversized look.

Matching your goggles with the helmet

We have ensured you can perfectly match your goggles to your helmet and your outfit by stocking a wide range of goggle colours, designed with the rest of the Dope outwear line in mind. Ride in true style this season with a coordinated outfit and goggles from Dope.

Buy high-quality ski goggles online from Dope Snow

If you’re ready to shop, and need any advice, then speak to our customer experience team, who will be happy to help out however they can. And if you’d like to see the goggles before committing to them, we offer free shipping and returns on all orders.

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