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Women's Ski Base Layers

Women's base layers from Dopesnow

The Dope Snow range of women's base layer and technical underwear, perfect for skiing and snowboarding, utilizes a tried and tested design to deliver the ultimate wearing experience. Made from moisture wicking materials that feel super soft and cozy against the skin, our base layer collection locks heat in and lets sweat out, keeping you comfy, at the right temperature, and looking fresh all day long.


Great base layers and technical underwear will fit closely to the skin without feeling too tight. Room to move is essential, and a layer of air trapped between the material and the skin helps to insulate, too. This layer of air reduces the transmission of heat, and our fleece lined, brushed interiors keep your natural warmth locked in, while being super comfortable. The smooth outer layer allows the fabric to release moisture, too, keeping you drier.


Our women's skiing thermal tops and bottoms come in a variety of looks that are just timeless. We focused on building the ultimate base layers, and settled on perfecting our semi-fitted long sleeve thermal top, complete with a cowl neck. This rolled neck retains heat without feeling tight around the collar, and the longer drape means tucking into your bottoms is super simple, too. Lower down, you can enjoy a ¾ fit that will mesh perfectly with your boots, and a wide waistband to eliminate pressure.

Lightweight and quick drying fabric

Protected by a jacket or softshell, the base layers can focus on what matters, keeping you warm and comfortable during your snow adventures this winter. The smooth polyester outer will help prevent water ingress, but its ambition is to let water out, not in.

Breathable and moisture wicking base layers for women

The breathability of these garments is very high, and as they're made from polyester, they won't absorb water. Moisture is expelled from the fabric for ultimate performance.

Thermal materials for optimal breathability

Polyester is a synthetic fiber, and as such, the threads won't absorb water themselves in the way that wool or cotton would. As such, sweat and moisture are let out of your baselayer, pushed through the fabric by the natural expulsion of moisture and steam through the skin. The high degree of breathability these base layers possess is essential for their use on the mountain. We have focused on making the most functional base layers possible, and breathability is a core element in this pursuit, to make sure you're comfortable and protected regardless of the weather conditions.

The perfect women's thermal base layer model

The Dope Snow range of womens snowboarding and skiing baselayer models may seem limited, but the time and effort that has gone into perfecting our designs is second to none. We've worked tirelessly to produce a baselayer that suits every rider, and every situation. Made from a polyester blend that's super stretchy for ultimate comfort, has a smooth outer and a brushed inner for coziness.

Choose your favorite color and size

If you like it snug or you want it baggy, if you like solid colors, patterns or if you prefer it plain, the Dope Snow range of womens base layers and underwear has everything you could possibly want. We've made our baselayer to match your favorite ski gear, and have made sure there's a wide range of sizes, too. From XXS to XXL, and in women's specific fits, our thermal baselayers are made to suit anyone and are ready for your next adventure.

Discover the latest collection of thermal tops and bottoms and shop online

Check the new collection of women's base layer and technical underwear, lightweight warm tops and pants to match the rest of your ski clothing, packed with high-tech features for maximum comfort and durability. Order your skiing baselayer online and get ready for your skiing and snowboarding adventures.