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JT Blizzard
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Elasticated Snow Gaiters
Non-slip cuff with lace hook for secure snow protection.
Elasticated Waistband and Belt
Get the perfect fit with an integrated belt and elasticated waistband.

JT Blizzard Ski Pants Men JT White

The Limited Edition JT Blizzard Pants are the result of our latest team up with freestyle animal Jesper Tjäder. We took everything we loved about snow pants, and everything we loved about sweatpants, and we smashed them together to make these baggy-fitting, soft-to-the-touch, ready-to-shred, 4-way stretching snow pants. They’ve got waterproofing to rival any fully fledged backcountry shell, and a cut that provides total freedom of movement, including a widened hem for that extra baggy look. They’re stylish, durable, and ready for all the jibs, hucks, and sends you can muster. Sound good? We know, right.

Built around a lightweight and bombproof shell fabric platform with built in 4-way stretch, the Freedom collection is designed for maximum mobility. A minimalist approach keeps you light on your feet so you can truly push your riding.
No insulation to keep the garment light and versatile. Layer up to your preference.
Snow and rain are part of a rider's reality. That's why we use a bonded waterproof membrane that provides a solid barrier against moisture, together with a PFAS-free DWR treatment for rapid water beading and runoff.
15.000 mm
DRY Tech
Managing the humidity that builds up inside from body heat is crucial. Our bonded membrane system offers top-notch breathability, effectively managing moisture.
15.000 g
DRY Tech
Taped Seams
The seams are the weakest point of any garment, so by applying a special adhesive tape that makes sure water can't get in, you can ride in the worst conditions with confidence.
Fully taped
Ratings & Reviews
Based on 31 Reviews
4 stars
This pair of pants offers a blend of comfort and fragility. Lightweight and soft, it is a dream to wear on hot days. However, the frequent tears at the bottom are a significant weakness. Nonetheless, its versatility is impressive, as it adapts to all conditions. In cold weather, cold air may penetrate, but the pants remain a must-have for sunny days. It's a choice worth considering, but keep in mind its fragility.
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Michael R. Apr 15, 2024
Hey Michael, thank you for this review! I'm sorry to read that you had issues with tears at the bottom of your pants :( I see that a replacement has been sent. I hope the new pair is holding up great! As these are shell pants, they are not insulated, so it's important to layer up underneath to be warm on colder days. We recommend the Onion Principle of Layering, you can wear some thermal base-layer pants and a mid-layer such as fleece or insulated pants when it gets a bit too chilly. If you have any questions regarding layers, or if you have any issues with the new pants, let us know! You can email us in the initial thread, we'll be happy to help you :) - Valérie
Dopesnow logo
Dopesnow Crew
April 15, 2024
5 stars
The fit is awesome the adjustable belt is awesome nice white colour but the pants cuff is a bit wide if your just walking around adjustable cuffs or elastic cuffs would be good
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Ronald B. Apr 8, 2024
Thank you for this feedback, Ronald! I sent it to our production team for future improvements. We would love to hear from you if you have other suggestions! You can contact us directly on the chat available on our site :) - Valérie
Dopesnow logo
Dopesnow Crew
April 8, 2024
2 stars
Comfortable and look good but picked a lot of slashes round the bottom with a single fall. Disappointing.
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Darren R. Feb 19, 2024
Hey Darren! I'm so sorry to hear this about your Blizzard pants I've just sent you an email to see if there's anything we can do to help! ~ Holly
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Dopesnow Crew
February 19, 2024
Men's Ski Pants